What if you could have detailed conversations with the people you love who have died?

What if you could speak with God? Is there life after death? What happens when we die and where do we go? What is heaven like?

Praise for Beyond Ever After

Meet the Authors

Middle aged fair skinned, dark haired woman with piercing brown eyes.
Jocelyn Montanaro
A middle aged, fair skinned, dark haired woman wearing glasses.
Catherine Weissenberg

Fate brought this unlikely pair together, one who felt abandoned by God and another who communicated with God. With Kevin trapped in a coma, Jocelyn was all out of hope. While on her phone session with Catherine, Kevin began to rouse himself. Neither Jocelyn or Catherine could have imagined that this was the beginning of an amazing journey. 

Beyond Ever After is being featured in news media outlets and podcasts.

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Catherine discusses her intuitive skills and her uncommon path to using her gift.

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Interview with with Catherine Weissenberg, Jocelyn Montanaro and George Noory

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Catherine Weissenberg and Jocelyn Montanaro share their powerful story with Sister Jenna.