About the Authors

Catherine Weissenberg

For several decades, Catherine Weissenberg has been sharing her unique ability to communicate and dialogue with Source, the deceased, and coma patients. To retain a lasting record of these communications, Catherine writes the dialogues longhand as they occur, and calls them “Writings.” In actuality, she connects with the stream of universal consciousness and transforms that energy into prose. When asked to explain her gift, Catherine states, “I believe God and those we love are always in our midst. There is a God, a Source Consciousness, a stream of love that runs within all of us. I happen to be able to connect and transform this flow into words that all of us can understand. This energy – I like to refer to it as a ‘Love Stream’ – is ever-present for everyone. I offer my work to facilitate that connection.” 

Because Catherine is committed to sharing these numinous experiences and messages of love, hope, and transformation with others, she offers several ways to experience her work. During Live Writing Experiences participants are able to receive messages from Source for the group. In her Live Follow-up series, participants are able to ask their own questions of Source as well as apply the wisdom and guidance contained in the Writings to their own lives. She also hosts monthly Spirit Salons covering a wide range of topics, in which the Writings serve as the springboard for meaningful dialogues of discovery and growth in community. Some of her Writings and interviews are available on YouTube. Additionally, Catherine facilitates group retreats which sometimes include Writings.

It is Catherine’s desire to support people’s self discovery as the divinely connected beings of love they inherently and eternally already are. For more information about Catherine’s Live Writing Events, Spirit Salon Gatherings, or other ways to experience her work, please visit the Events Section on this website.

An author, speaker and communication facilitator and consultant, Catherine holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication. She has taught college level communication and served in leadership roles in nonprofit and volunteer organizations. Catherine is a mother and wife, and lives in California.

Jocelyn Montanaro

Jocelyn Montanaro considers herself a reluctant messenger. She loved her relatively traditional life as a wife, mother and part-time lawyer. She would not have traded places with anyone. There were only two areas that Jocelyn didn’t share with Kevin, her husband: a belief in God and an active involvement in organized religion. That Jocelyn would write a book about accepting God’s love and communicating with the dead was about as likely as her being elected pope.

Educated on the East Coast and in Europe, Jocelyn has both a law degree and a bachelor’s in International Studies. She also studied International Business and Social Etiquette at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Swizerland. She lives in Southern California.