The Story

Beyond Ever After: A Heart-to-Heart Journey Through Death and the Afterlife is a love story with a mystical twist. What if you could have a conversation directly with the people you love who have died? What if you could speak with God? What happens when we die? And where do we go? BEA is a remarkable tale of loss and love that transcends accepted notions of life and death, with the demonstrated presence of a loving, communicative God.


A Tale of Love, Death and New Life

BEA begins with Kevin, comatose after multiple brain surgeries. Jocelyn, his wife, hasn’t left his side for weeks, hoping Kevin’s faith and determination will overcome the cancer destroying his body. Desperate, Jocelyn contacts Catherine, a psychic with extraordinary abilities, who does “Writings” to help Jocelyn communicate with Kevin. Unaware that he is in a coma, Kevin believes that he is merely dreaming. Miraculously, while Catherine is writing, Kevin wakes himself from the coma. Sadly, his improvement is short-lived. As Kevin’s body is failing and he is near death, Kevin continues to speak through Catherine. With Catherine as a psychic guide, Kevin and Jocelyn are able to freely communicate through Kevin’s transition into death, and his last good-bye with their children. BEA chronicles Jocelyn’s difficulties through the emotional quicksand of a loved one’s death.

Readers will fall in love with Kevin, a man who lived as a role model for goodness and generosity. In the after-death Writings, Kevin shares his afterlife experiences and offers even grander messages of hope, inspiration and confidence that the spirit and connection to God live beyond the loss of the physical body. Kevin watches over Jocelyn; his love and passion live large after the loss of his body. Catherine keeps open the window between this world and the next, maintaining the connection between God, Kevin and Jocelyn. Jocelyn must face her despair in losing her soul mate, and come to terms with her anger and sense of betrayal by the God whom Kevin loves. Though reluctant at best, kicking and screaming through Kevin’s passing, Jocelyn accepts that God is real, that Kevin’s soul lives on, and that their love transcends death.

From the first page of BEA, readers are launched into an emotional adventure into the deep terrains of love, grief, loss, consciousness and spirit, and the afterlife. Beyond the tears from the heart-filled love story, readers will find their notions of reality stretched, their hearts and minds opened, enlarged and hope-filled by the journey. BEA’s unique four-person narrative – told by Jocelyn, Kevin, Catherine and God – offers a story never told before. Kevin’s spirituality and Catherine’s paranormal skills create tension with Jocelyn’s skepticism and anger. Jocelyn is an articulate voice for skeptics who dismiss religion, faith, or extrasensory phenomena. Yet the accuracy and precision of Catherine’s psychic revelations force readers to confront their rigid notions of reality and consciousness. Like Jocelyn, readers find that their spirits are greater than their limitations, and discover that even their wildest imaginations only begin to penetrate the infinite possibilities of human consciousness and the afterlife.

BEA is a psychological, spiritual, and paranormal crossover love story that appeals to a broad audience, across divergent interests and beliefs. Catherine’s sharing of her gift, her journey, and her perspective has vast appeal to those interested in the psychic, mystical, spiritual and paranormal realms. The spiritually inclined will find that God’s messages of beautiful prose and metaphors are both modern and accessible across all spiritual frameworks. In BEA, the removed and inaccessible God in whom many believe is a real, vibrant, available presence. This is a must read for anyone who faces terminal illness, has lost a loved one, works with the dying, or ponders the nature of consciousness and what lies beyond. Beyond Every After is for believers and seekers, as well as those who have been frustrated, dissatisfied and unconvinced that there is any greater existence beyond this one. Even though this book is about dying, it is also an uplifting, comforting and inspiring true story about loving deeply without fear, living fully and thriving, despite the inevitable specter of death.

Through BEA, readers intimately experience what few ever conceived could exist. Many books have been written about near death experiences. None offers the intimacy and loving detail of BEA. In addition to its moving love story, spiritual insights and experiences, the book includes six complete Writings. Filled with the wonder of deep love, humor, the supernatural and hope, this 230-paged book is divided into bite-sized chapters. God’s spiritual messages provide readers with inspiration and wisdom, for repeated visits long after the first reading is complete.

Meet the Authors

Catherine Weissenberg

For several decades, Catherine Weissenberg has been sharing her unique ability to communicate and dialogue with God, the deceased, and coma patients. To retain a lasting record of these communications, Catherine writes the dialogues longhand as they occur, calling them “Writings.” In actuality, Catherine connects with the stream of universal consciousness and transforms that energy into prose. Over the many years of sharing this gift with hundreds of individuals and groups across the world, she has generated thousands of pages of Writings. Each Writing is unique to the situation, the energy and the individuals involved. Although intimate to the recipient, the Writings are beautiful in their imagery and metaphor, often involving universal themes of self-growth, interpersonal relationships and life challenges. When asked to explain her gift, Catherine states, “I believe God and those we love are always in our midst. There is a God, a consciousness, a stream of love that runs within all of us. I’m able to connect and transform this flow into words we all can understand. This energy – I like to refer to it as a ‘Love Stream’ – is ever-present for all of us. I offer my work to facilitate that connection.” Catherine has created Loveality®, a love-based reality, to bring the wisdom and transformative energy of the Writings to a broader audience. For more information about Loveality®, please visit her website at In addition to being a Communication Facilitator and Consultant, Catherine is a wife and mother. She holds a Masters of Art degree in Communication.

Jocelyn Montanaro

Jocelyn considers herself a reluctant messenger. She loved her relatively traditional life as a wife, mother and part time lawyer. She would not have traded places with anyone. Two of only a small number of things she didn’t share with her husband Kevin were a belief in God and an active involvement in organized religion. That Jocelyn would write a book about accepting God’s love and communicating with the dead was about as likely as her being elected Pope. Jack Reacher was her preferred protagonist, not Jesus. Perhaps a display of God’s sense of humor and irony, this is Jocelyn’s story – a story with herself, Kevin, God and his psychic side-kick as the main characters. Jocelyn has spent most of her life in California, but was educated on the east Coast and in Europe. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a law degree. Her friends love to tease her about her yearlong study of International Business and Social Etiquette at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Switzerland. She can arrange the perfect table setting and properly greet the Monarch of any country. Her family brought her back to California and her marriage kept her there. For many years prior to writing BEA, Jocelyn was a lawyer, working with divorcing couples, criminal defendants, and in general litigation. She also helped Kevin with his very successful legal mediation practice. Jocelyn is an avid reader, but never imagined being an author. With some surprise and apprehension as the selected messenger, she welcomes the reader into the story of her life just before and after Kevin’s death. Written with her Doberman Pinscher and German Shepard at her side, Jocelyn recognizes the responsibility she has in sharing with others this story of love beyond ever after.

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