Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

The authors of this book provide compelling evidence as they share this remarkable journey of illness and love, pain and humor with their readers. I trust that Beyond Ever After will speak to your heart as well as your head, and that it will inspire you to expand your visions of soul, spirit, source, and … Continue Reading

Linda Evans

Beyond Ever After’s glimpses into the afterlife provide powerful wisdom about death, soul and the unbreakable bonds of love. I’ve experienced Catherine’s life changing writings for over 20 years. Over time we have become very close friends. She’s as extraordinary as her writings. I know this book will inspire you to want more.

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

Beyond Ever After will offer comfort and reassurance to anyone who has lost a loved one. The authors offer a new way to view consciousness, life, death and the heart-to-heart connection that cannot be broken even by death.

Mary Morrissey

Beyond Ever After is both a love story and a spiritual handbook that will have a profound and lasting impact on you, the reader. You will be so grateful you read it.

Bernie Siegel, MD

When you live the experience, you know the truth – that we are not our bodies. Beyond Ever After invites us into territories we will all encounter when it is our time. We all need guides; Catherine and this book provide just that.